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More on Credit Score.

DID YOU KNOW that three little numbers (your credit score) could end up saving you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars? Lenders use credit scores to help them determine the "credit worthiness" of consumers applying for credit cards, lines of credit, or loans. The applicant's credit rating will probably be used for figuring out whether he or she qualifies for credit, and if so, what terms and interest rates he or she will receive.

Credit scores are calculated based on data in your credit reports and, as fluid numbers, change over time, sometimes on a daily basis! That's why it's so important to stay on top of your credit for changes that could potentially affect your scores. Other than pulling your credit on a daily basis, credit monitoring is the best way to know what's happening in your credit. Credit Monitoring lets you do both - it monitors your Experian Credit Report for key changes and alerts you if any are found, plus you can pull your report and check your score every day as a paid member!

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