3 Hidden Saving Secrets

Published on Aug 01, 2013 02:04 pm

Your daily living expenses may have you feeling like you’ll never be able to save, but these three hidden saving secrets will have you building a nest egg in no time. From doubling your retirement contribution to never paying full price when you shop, learn how to put more money in your pocket without giving up your social life.

1. Sign up for Your Company’s Retirement ProgramSaving for your future might begin with your company’s retirement program. For example, a 401K contributes money from your gross earnings and lowers the amount on which you’ll pay taxes. Better yet, if your employer offers a retirement program that matches a percentage of your contribution, avoid throwing away free money by opting for the maximum matched contribution amount. If you can adjust your personal budget to put away for retirement, you’ll boost your savings and grow your reserve, helping you to retire comfortably.

2. Opt for Rewards CardsIf you think you have a handle on your credit and financial planning, a rewards card could be a great way to cash in on savings. While charging purchases to your rewards credit card just to cash-in on prizes can lead dangerously close to a lifetime of debt, making reasonable purchases and paying your balance in full can earn you significant benefits. From cash back, to discounts, and travel vouchers, the savings you earn add up quickly so long as you manage it responsibly.

3. Save with Coupons and DiscountsFrom deal websites to mobile apps, scoring coupons and discounts is easier than your mother’s days of clipping the Sunday paper. Whether you’re saving on groceries, gas stations, or adventurous excursions, you can shave off some big bucks on the things you already need. Additionally, many of these money-saving mobile apps are free to use, helping you dodge membership fees and leaving more cash in your pocket.

While saving can seem like a daunting task at times, you won’t have to dig through your couch cushions or only eat Ramen to put more money towards your future. Pocket savings from these three secrets, target reachable goals, and celebrate your wins! You might just be on your way to financial security without ever changing your lifestyle.

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