Credit Cards

Financial Calculators

Our financial calculators can help you better understand your finances so you can make the best choices to plan your future. Use our free calculators to find out how certain financial decisions affect your budget, how much home you can afford, and much more. Mortgage Calculators How Much House Can I Afford? Calculator Rent vs. […]

  • Mar 10, 2016

Credit Card Payoff Calculator

Because interest rates tend to be considerably higher for credit cards than the secured debt associated with car and home loans, you’ll likely want to pay off credit card debt first. Compiling the necessary monthly payments to make that happen can help you fine tune your budgeting. Use our Credit Card Payoff Calculator to help […]

  • Mar 10, 2016

Credit Card Transfer Calculator

If you carry a balance on one or more credit cards, you may wonder if you could save money by transferring a balance to a card with a lower interest rate. Would you be able to pay off your balance sooner if more of your payment goes toward principle than interest? Adding a card also […]

  • Sep 01, 2015

Small Business Credit

For many first-time business owners, it’s sheer force of habit that leads them to reach into a collection of credit cards to finance their big idea. Newspaper stories abound on the subject: the low-cost independent film that was only produced because the director/screenwriter/actor maxed out his credit cards and the garage-based inventor who sold his […]

  • Mar 18, 2015

Can Credit Cards Change the Rate if You Pay on Time?

Under the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act (CARD), there are several measures intended to protect American consumers from the aggressive practices sometimes used by credit card companies. The CARD Act led to changes in how your credit card company could adjust interest rates on existing balances and regulated how credit card companies communicated those changes […]

  • Feb 27, 2015