Debt Management

Cyber Savings: Websites That Can Help You Manage Your Budget

A personal budget is an estimate of your income versus expenditures over a set period of time. It serves as a high-level overview of your financial situation. A budget can tell you whether you have enough money to make ends meet, and if not, help you identify spending to pare down. Overall, a budget is […]

  • Oct 07, 2015

Top Bankruptcy Basics

When your monthly bills are more than you can manage, bankruptcy may seem like your only way to get out of debt. But while bankruptcy can provide debt relief to consumers who can’t pay their bills, it’s a complex legal process that can seriously impact your credit for up to a decade. Before you decide […]

  • Mar 16, 2015

Types of Debt

Debt can take many forms, and be generated through just as many types of lenders–whether loaned by a family member or a major bank. Need to broaden your knowledge of different types of debt? Links in the bullets below can take you to more information about specific types or the terms that relate to them. Credit card – When utilizing […]

  • Mar 06, 2015

4 Ways Unpaid Debt Can Haunt Your Credit

Abandoning a debt may seem like a victimless crime, but don’t be deceived – the one it hurts most is you. Being deep in debt can be a scary and overwhelming place, however it’s also the time it’s most important to make a rational choice. You might have considered something extreme, but before you choose […]

  • Mar 04, 2015

How Can a Trial Loan Modification Affect Your Credit Score?

Most Americans spend roughly 30 percent or more of their take-home pay on their mortgage payment, leaving many homeowners trying to avoid foreclosure and credit damage. However, it´s important to understand that a mortgage modification has its share of risks, too. Before you assume your credit is free and clear of taking a hit, discover how […]

  • Mar 02, 2015

When You Settle a Debt, What Happens to Your Credit Scores?

A job loss, overspending, the death of a spouse – there could be many reasons why a person is unable to repay a debt. When someone can’t pay a bill, some people will simply stop paying their creditors and will default on the debt – an action that can have serious implications for their credit. Another […]

  • Feb 11, 2015

Debt Management After Death of a Spouse

The death of a spouse is one of the most emotionally devastating experiences you can go through. The loss of a mate will also inevitably affect your finances. Many factors will determine how the death affects your money and credit, including whether your spouse had life insurance, any outstanding debts, assets and a clear will. […]

  • Feb 04, 2015

Collection Inquiries and Credit Scores

Inquiries fall into one of two types, which can impact your credit score differently. Learn more about credit scores and how they can change.

  • Dec 23, 2014

Can a Lender Garnish Pension Benefits?

The federal statutes are very clear on the status of federal pension benefits. Learn about the different types of pensions that can be affected by lender garnishment.

  • Oct 29, 2014

Cosigning for a Student Loan

Student loan cosigners use their good credit to help someone else borrow money for education. The cosigner is just as responsible for the loan as the student is.

  • Oct 08, 2014

Can On-Time Payments Help My Credit Score?

Your credit scores are a complex interaction of many different variables. Payment history is often an important factor in calculating credit score. While certain actions may help you help your scores, none of them exists as a singular cause. Credit Score Composition Creditors use your credit score to help estimate the amount of risk you […]

  • Aug 19, 2014

7 Ways to Cut the Cost of Groceries

You might be able to spend less on groceries to help your budget and finances, but how? Here are a few ideas to cut your grocery bill.

  • Jul 11, 2014

Is Discharged Debt Taxable?

Debts that have been forgiven or cancelled are considered taxable income. Learn more about which debts are taxable.

  • Apr 15, 2014