Refinance Options for Credit Scores Below 500

Published on Dec 18, 2013 07:47 am

With a credit score below 500, refinancing your home isn’t impossible but it still might present some challenges. Fortunately, some refinancing options available have flexible lending requirements.

One option:

You might want to consider a Federal Housing Administration streamline refinance since the process does not always require that your employment, income or credit score are checked, although many lenders may still require one.

A second option:

If you are married and your spouse has a higher credit score, you may be able to put the refinance in his or her name only, sidestepping the issue of your lower score. If considering this option, it’s important for your spouse to check his or her credit report several months for applying for the refinance to make sure there are no surprises before you head to the bank.

A third option:

Finally, you also may be able to work on the problem by spending some time creating a pattern of using credit responsibly. Once you develop better credit habits, you might be able to show lenders you’re a responsible borrower and less of a credit risk.

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