Six Budget-friendly Party Tips

Published on Dec 11, 2013 11:35 am

The holidays are here, the kids are graduating, Dad’s birthday’s coming up, or maybe Friday has just finally rolled around.  Whatever the occasion may be, you’re feeling the urge to celebrate. But who has the budget to throw a big bash?

Good news: You can still throw a great party, and share a good time with friends and family without breaking the bank.

Here are six suggestions for ways to throw a budget-friendly party:

1. Don’t waste money on invitationsSend digital invitations. You’ll conserve paper and save money on postage. Plus, with the prevalence of mobile devices, a digital invitation is virtually guaranteed to reach guests on at least one of their many devices – smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop!

2. Feast frugallyFood is the highlight of any gathering, but you don’t have to drop a lot of dough on a big sit-down dinner in order to feed your guests well. Try an hors d’oeuvres or appetizer dinner that features an array of yummy finger foods. Or, get guests involved and fall back on that old standby, the potluck. Invite each guest to bring a seasonal dish; they’ll feel involved and you’ll have less work and lower costs.

3. Let them eat cupcakesCupcakes are a fun and always popular tradition. Rather than spend hours making homemade cupcakes – or spending a lot on premade ones – head over to the club store and purchase cupcakes with plain vanilla or chocolate icing. Take them home and add your own decoration.

4. Spice up your centerpiecesFloral arrangements can be pricey, especially if they feature out-of-season blooms. Instead of spending a lot of money on centerpieces that will die quickly or that you’ll never use again, create your own by filling dishes with fresh fruits and nuts that can also serve as a snack for guests. Accent centerpieces with bows and some fresh springs of fragrant evergreens.

5. Make your spirits lightHard liquor is costly, so stick with lighter options like wine and beer. Many wine stores will offer a discount when you buy by the case. You can find one or two very good vintages for a reasonable price and stock up. Instead of strong cocktails, serve juice-based ones. The bright juice colors add a festive flair, and the fruit juice allows you to stretch your hard alcohol further.

6. Set the stageLighting and sound can create a perfect mood. For an evening soiree, dim the house lights, add some strategically placed light strands and play some music in the background.

For your next event, tap these savings secrets to help you balance your budget and avoid relying on credit usage to pull off a stupendous soiree. Your guests and credit will thank you in the long run.


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